The Seating Order of Playing Online Poker

Online Poker – All online gambling games pose a risk to the players. There are no exceptions to every gambling game you know, including online poker. This game is proven to be able to generate significant profits for its players even though the capital value is not much. From day to day more and more people are joining online poker agent sites such as Pragmatic Indonesia. Everyone wants to win and master the tricks and strategies, one of which is the sitting position to play. Is it true that the order of seating when playing online poker has an effect on our winnings?

Position Playing at the Poker Table

The name of gambling, such as online poker, of course, is strongly influenced by the luck factor. There are people who think the position of the chair is not important. Meanwhile, others consider it very vital in online poker games. Which one is correct? You must first identify what terms are used to describe the position of playing at the online poker table. So, the sitting position of online poker players consists of:

  • Small Blind (SB)
  • Big Blind (BB)
  • Under the Gun (UTG)
  • Under the Gun +1 (UTG+1)
  • Middle Position 1 (MP1)
  • Middle Position 2 (MP2)
  • Hijack (HJ)
  • Cut Off (CO)
  • Dealer Button (BU)

The order of positions above is seen from a full table, aka all of them are occupied by players without leaving an empty seat. How to see it in a clockwise direction. Then, which position has the highest potential to win online poker games?

Poker’s Best Position

Everyone who plays online poker has their own favorite position. If you have often won with the same position in a row, it is not surprising if the player in question retains his seat. Everyone who plays online poker has a different opinion on which seat is the most profitable. In fact, there are also several versions of the seats that are most suitable for winning the online poker table. You can follow it according to your experience and convenience.

Small Blind and Big Blind positions

These two positions are often referred to as the last seats at the online poker table. It may be that the final position is the small blind or it could be the big blind. However, each of those positions will be the last if the previous flop occurred. Reportedly, almost all professional players are eyeing this final position because it is often proven to produce a hefty profit. What to do if you want to win in this position? Of course, when you enter the room and choose an online poker table, try to find out if these seats are still available. Next, make sure you analyze your opponent’s cards and try that you will always be on the offensive.

Why is this position often favored by online poker players? There are many opportunities for online poker players who occupy this position to observe what cards have come out and which cards are about to come out. It is in this position that professional players tend to more easily control the course of the game. Meanwhile, for beginners, this position is highly recommended. At the same time to hone the ability and instinct to read the cards that are scattered in each position. Different ways of playing will not be a problem for players to learn and master the strategy. Whenever you have the opportunity to occupy this position, don’t miss this good opportunity. Over time you will also understand how to win an online poker table from that position.

Middle Position and Hijack

You can use this position as an alternative if you don’t get the chance to sit in the final position. In this position, at least the player who occupies it will be able to absorb and analyze half the information obtained. Much better than being at a disadvantage at the online poker table, right? What should you do if you take this position? Pay attention to the movement of any cards that come out of each opponent. You can simultaneously analyze what cards will come out. Although there are limitations in analyzing card movements, the opportunities that will be found will make it easier for you to read the situation and determine the next strategy.

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